0201 - Interracial Marriages: One Flesh but Two Families? (w/ SharDavia Walker)


Hosts: Isaac Adams & Trillia Newbell

Guest: SharDavia Walker

Overview: “What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” (Mark 10:9)

In the opening to season two, Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams talk and pray with SharDavia Walker about interracial marriages—the beauty of them and the difficulty of them in and outside the church. How do you humbly and honestly navigate conversations with family who don’t approve of interracial relationships? Does the Bible speak about interracial marriages? How does the message of the gospel apply to this conversation? 

Facing different forms of awkwardness, difficulty, and outright opposition—from humorous things to horrible things—Isaac, Trillia, and Shar reflect on God’s faithfulness to them as those who are in interracial marriages. Regarding difficulties, Shar spoke wonderfully to the need for compassion and humility, especially in a way that reminded us of Francis Grimké, the brother who inspired this podcast. In 1898, Francis said: “Let us meet in our places of worship, and there…devoutly pray to Almighty God: First, that if it is our fault that the hearts of our fellow countrymen are so cruelly turned against us, he will show us the evil, and give us the wisdom to remove it.”

In other words, as we seek to be honest with others and call for repentance, let us also do the same in our own lives. May God grant us humility and honesty as we pursue unity and pray for it. 

Links & Show Notes:

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of this conversation, please be aware that as stories are recounted at the 8 minute mark, the n-word is used. You can read more about the context surrounding that sad story here: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/mizzou-and-a-more-excellent-way/

1. Mark Dever’s Sermon Introduction In a sermon following the 2016 Presidential Election, Mark Dever shares a testimony about a friend of his who met opposition when pursuing a white sister.

2. Our Interracial Marriage and the Gospel A video testimony of Trillia Newbell’s interracial marriage. 

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Recorded and produced by Karl Magnuson
Graphic design by
Rob Alvey