Special: Can We Be Reconciled Without Prayer?

Host: Isaac Adams


In this special episode, we hear Isaac’s talk from the JUST Gospel conference, which took place in Atlanta this past May, and it was hosted by The Front Porch. In this talk he answers the question, “Can we be reconciled without prayer?” Standing on Scripture, such as John 17, Isaac offers two answers: 1) No and 2) Why would we want to? Why would we want a reconciliation born of the flesh but not the Spirit?
Brothers and sisters, we wage war against Satan and his dominion.

So, if you’ve ever been tempted to think that prayer is unnecessary and weak, here are four reasons why we can and should be reconciled with prayer:

1) The Bible commands prayer
2) Church history commends prayer
3) Pastors know about prayer
4) Christians agree on prayer

Pull up a chair, c’mon up on The Front Porch and listen.

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Produced by Josh Deng