0204 - 20 Years Later: Why Are Evangelicals (Still) Divided by Faith? (w/ Michael Emerson)

Hosts: Isaac Adams & Trillia Newbell

Guest: Michael Emerson

Overview: "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger." (James 1:19)

In this episode, Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams talk with Michael Emerson, one of the authors of the seminal work, Divided by Faith. Published nearly 20 years ago, Divided by Faith examines evangelicals and the problem of race from a sociological perspective. 

What personal and professional experiences led Dr. Emerson to write Divided by Faith? Why did he seek to live in a community where he was in the racial minority and send his kids to school where they're in the racial minority?  Dr. Emerson speaks to systemic and individual solutions to racial inequalities while providing both a warning and a word of hope to evangelicals today.  

Having done thousands of interviews about this topic, Dr. Emerson encourages us to remember that "one of the ways we can addresses our history of racial division and inequality is to come together in our churches: to worship, to share leadership, to give voices to one another. If we can do this in authentic, biblical ways, it will make a profound difference." What do those authentic, biblical ways look like? Join us in this episode. 

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Recorded and produced by Karl Magnuson
Graphic design by
Rob Alvey