Season 4

0400 - Who Are We, Anyway?
In this episode, the rest of the leadership team join Isaac to talk about what roles they play on the United? We Pray team, and why they do what they do.

0401 - HOPE in Washington D.C. (w/ Thabiti Anyabwile)
Despite division over their alma maters, Thabiti Anyabwile and Isaac Adams come together to talk about hope and its importance for the work of racial reconciliation.

Season 3: Race, Politics, and the Local Church

0300 - What's Changed & What's the Same
Isaac gives us an overview of Season 3 and its focuses. We say goodbye to some old friends and hello to some new.

0301 - My Great-Grandfather Sold Slaves (w/ Saidi Chishimba)
In this episode, Isaac sits with Pastor Saidi Chishimba, a pastor in Zambia. Chishimba relays his family’s history through the lenses of the sovereignty of God, the complexity of sin, and the power of lament. How can God be sovereign and slavery exist? How can a man sell another man? How can a pastor smooth tribal lines even in his preaching? How can a president make an effort to break tribal lines? Zambia and the Bemba Kingdom might teach us a lesson.

0302 - Not Political Correctness But What the Bible Says (w/ Ken Mbugua)
Join Isaac as he heads to Kenya to talk with Pastor Ken Mbugua about tribalism and its hidden faults. Kenya, along with some of its churches, has wonderful diversity as there are 42 tribes there. And every five years Kenyan pastors of multi-ethnic churches are reminded of their diversity. Why? Because every five years there is an election.

0303 - The Christ We Share is More Important than the Politics We Don't (w/ Mark Dever)
In this episode, Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams sit with Mark Dever, Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. The three of them discuss interracial dating, single-issue voting and racial divisions in churches, the American flag in worship gatherings, and other topics as they talk about the importance of understanding and remembering.

0304 - Who Threw That Bomb? Politics, Systemic Racism, and Repentance (w/ Jemar Tisby)
Join Isaac Adams and Jemar Tisby as the two talk about politics, which so often combines race, religion, idolatry, and power. Still, Tisby maintains Christians are political creatures who need not shy away from politics.

Special: United? We...Take Care of Our Babies
In this episode, Isaac explains the break mid-season 3, forecasts a couple of sermons dropping on U?WP, and shares his poem of lament entitled: "Lord, I Cannot Fix this Brokenness.”

Special: Can We Be Reconciled Without Prayer?
In this special episode, we hear Isaac’s talk from the JUST Gospel conference, which took place in Atlanta this past May, and it was hosted by The Front Porch. In this talk he answers the question, “Can we be reconciled without prayer?” Standing on Scripture, such as John 17, Isaac offers two answers: 1) No and 2) Why would we want to? Why would we want a reconciliation born of the flesh but not the Spirit?

Special: John Onwuchekwa on Forgiveness (Genesis 45:1-8)
At the 2019 JUST Gospel Conference, John Onwuchekwa exposits one of the most puzzling and impactful stories of reconciliation in the Scriptures. Meditating on Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers, Onwuchekwa concludes that if you’re ever going to move past your past hurts, from frustration to forgiveness, you have to remember two things: 1) God’s part in your story and 2) Your place in His.

0308 - Christian Civility (w/ Trillia Newbell)
In this episode, Isaac Adams and Trillia Newbell team up again to discuss the heightened political animosity and polarization that too often characterizes Christians online. Yet as Christians we are called to a love of neighbor that involves gentleness, being slow to speak, quick to hear. To bring us toward that kind of love, the Lord may need to tear down our political idols. “We will grapple to keep them,” Trillia says, “which can lead us to fight and be enraged with one another.”

Season 2

0200 - So, We’re Still Praying?
Taking racial struggles to the throne, United? We Pray is a podcast that calls for prayer about racial divisions in churches. With all that could be said about race and the church, why have a podcast on prayer? Here are four reasons: (1) The Bible commands prayer, (2) Church History commends prayer, (3) Pastors know about prayer, and (4) Christians agree on prayer.  And so we pray. We’d love for you to join us for this second season as we approach the throne of grace—will you? 

0201 - Interracial Marriages: One Flesh But Two Families? (w/ SharDavia Walker)
In the opening to season two, Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams talk and pray with SharDavia Walker about interracial marriages—the beauty of them and the difficulty of them in and outside the church. How do you humbly and honestly navigate conversations with family who don’t approve of interracial relationships? Does the Bible speak about interracial marriages? How does the message of the gospel apply to this conversation?

0202 - What’s The Goal Of Racial Reconciliation?
In this episode, Trillia and Isaac talk and pray about what the goal of racial reconciliation is and what it’s not.
What do we even mean by that term? Why is it helpful or unhelpful? What isn’t the goal of racial reconciliation?
Join us in prayer.

0203 - Colorblindness: What If I Don’t See You As My Black Friend?
Colorblindness is the theory that if we ignore race, then racial problems will eventually cease. Is this term and theory helpful or unhelpful. Why or why not? How is it present in our culture, and how is it present in our churches? Join Isaac Adams and Trillia Newbell as they discuss colorblindness and why the idea keeps appearing in this conversation.

0204 - 20 Years Later: Why Are Evangelicals (Still) Divided by Faith? (w/ Michael Emerson)
In this episode, Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams talk with Michael Emerson, one of the authors of the seminal work, Divided by Faith. Published nearly 20 years ago, Divided by Faith examines evangelicals and the problem of race from a sociological perspective.

0205 - Stopping By Ephesus: Reflections 50 Years After MLK Jr.’s Assassination (w/ John Perkins)
Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. Fifty years later to the day, Isaac Adams sat with Dr. John Perkins, 87-year-old civil rights activist, a few blocks from where Dr. King was killed.  There, Isaac heard Perkins’ reflections on race and the church in light of his work and MLK Jr.’s legacy.

0206 - How Can I Help My Pastor In A Time of Racial Suspicion? (w/ Miguel Davilla)
How can lay church members help their pastors in times of racial suspicion? What is racial suspicion? Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams sit with pastor Miguel Davilla to discuss the posture church members can have to serve, love, and encourage their pastors in times of racial division.

0207 - What About The Other “Other”? More Than A Black/White Conversation (w/ Duke Kwon)
Should our conversations about race and the church only be black and white? What is lost if we don’t have a wider conversation, and what is gained from having a broader conversation that includes those of other ethnicities? Korean-American pastor Duke Kwon joins Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams to discuss his experience as the other “other.”

0208 - Season 2 Finale: Pray Without What?
In the Season 2 Finale, Trillia and Isaac reflect upon God’s grace throughout another season of United? We Pray. They reflect upon 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 — “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 

Summer Special: The Gospel in Color —A Theology Of Racial Reconciliation For Families (w/ Jarvis Williams)
In this Summer Special, Isaac Adams sits with Jarvis Williams, professor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The brothers discuss Dr. Williams’ latest work for children and families, “The Gospel in Color — A Theology of Racial Reconciliation for Families.” 

Season 1

0100 - United? We Pray (Teaser)
One thing is clear: when it comes to unity in the church across racial lines, we need divine help. Prayer is how we ask for that help (James 1:5). Christians don't agree on how to address racial divisions, but Christians do agree that we ought to rely upon God in prayer. We must do more than pray if we are to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, but we cannot do less. Will you pray with us? 

0101 - Pilot: What A Chorus That Would Be
In this first episode, Isaac Adams and Trillia Newbell discuss the purpose of United? We Pray and share their hopes for the podcast. The Bible makes clear that God’s people are a praying people, and United? We Pray seeks to encourage more prayer about racial struggles. We hope to pray proactively, and we hope to praise God, confess to God, thank God, and ask of God. What’s more, we hope that brothers and sisters listening in on these prayer join in prayer because, as Trillia says, “what a chorus that would be!” 

0102 - Deep Demons: Race & The Church (w/ Ray Ortlund)
Join Trillia Newbell, Isaac Adams, and Ray Ortlund as they discuss racial strife and the church. While recording this episode, Ray made an apt analogy. He compared the evil of racism to the demon possessing the boy in Mark 9:14-29. Jesus said about that demon: "This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer." Reflecting on racism in the church, Ray said, "that demon is deep, baby; it's deep!" And so we pray.

0103 - Weak, Weary, Strong: Enduring As A Bridge-Builder
Isaac Adams and Trillia Newbell discuss why being a bridge-builder is so difficult and how bridge builders, in Christ, can persevere in their ministries. The reality for anyone building a bridge is that bridges get stepped on, they get driven on from both sides, and they’re the first to freeze over when the bad weather hits. How might a bridge builder guard against cynicism and despair? Why should they pray for the very folks who are burning bridges? What might taking care of yourself as a bridge-builder look like?

0104 - Evil Days: First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs (w/ Matt Chandler)
Originally, Isaac and Trillia planned to talk and pray about white supremacy with Matt Chandler. However, given the recent tragedy in Texas at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, we thought it would be appropriate to pray for our brothers and sisters there. Join us as we lament on their behalf and mourn with those who suffer there. 

0105 - Merciful Mouths: Bold & Foolish Words (w/ Jackie Hill Perry)
In this episode, Jackie Hill Perry discusses the difference between boldness and foolishness in speaking about race and the church. Jackie, Trillia, and Isaac discuss the power of prayer to guard the believer against unforgiveness and bitterness as well as other concerns about how the church is treated within this conversation. 

0106 - Small & Unannounced: Unity & Underground Churches (w/ Karen Ellis)
Missiologist Karen Ellis joins Isaac Adams and Trillia Newbell to share insights about race and unity from her work with underground churches. Speaking for non-experts and those who are spiritually flabby, Karen focuses on the faithfulness of brothers and sisters in churches around the world as she reminds us that, “Unity may not be loudest voice out the gate, but it’ll be the voice that lasts into eternity.” The powerless have a word about power. If believers in a loud world can be quiet enough, we just might hear it. 

0107 - Remembering Rightly: History, Race, and American Christianity (w/ Matt Hall)
In our last episode with Karen Ellis, Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adam looked at underground churches in other countries to glean lessons about unity. In this episode, the hosts speak with Dr. Matt Hall, Dean of Boyce college, to look back at American Christianity and its history race. What is race? What does it mean in the Bible? How many races are there? How does racism in the past affect us today?

0108 - Season’s Greetings: Season’s Finale & Safe Places (w/ Jasmine Holmes)
In the season finale, Trillia Newbell and Isaac Adams reflect on the first season of United? We Pray, and they speak with Jasmine Holmes about safe places. In the race conversation, at times, someone will say something unhelpful or downright racist, and if their statement is met with correction, they’ll respond by saying, “I thought you were a safe place.” Jasmine, Trillia, and Isaac reflect on the need to redefine the concept of a “safe place.” What does it look like to speak the truth and love, and hear the truth in love? How can Christians be honest with one another and yet extend heaps and heaps of grace to each other, as God has extended that grace to us in Christ? Trillia and Isaac continue to reflect on that grace as they look back on the episodes and start of Season 1 of United? We Pray.